24.True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world

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What belongs to politics should return to politics,and what belongsto religions should return to religions.

Do not bring politics into the internal affairs of Buddhism,and donot participate in the political affairs under the name of Buddhismeither.

Are you a cuckold?

If you do not want to be cuckolded (to wear a green hat in Chineseslang), do remember to read through this book; if you do not wantyour good friends to be cuckolded, please introduce this book tothem.If you want to protect the females of both your family and your goodfriends, please do remember to give them this book for reading.

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The Truth about Shangri-La

How can the big millennial fraud still exist in this world? How canthe lamas, who wear red robes, cuckold those men whose wives arelearning the tantric practice? Why does the tantric practice usecopulation as its practice method all the time? Why will a man losehis wife if both of them are the tantric learners? Why will a womanlose her husband if she does not prevent her husband from learningthe tantric practice? Why is the Dalai Lama’s prayer useless? Youwill find all the detailed answers in this book. Through this book,you can fully understand the essence of the Couple-Practice Tantrain Tibetan Buddhism, and thus help your female family members beaway from the sexual assaults by the lamas.

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Editorial Note

Over the recent decade, the Tibetan Tantric School hascontinuously emphasized the concept of “love for all”, which is awell-known virtue. However, the “love for all” referred to by theTibetan Tantric School has a different meaning than the one known bythe public. Unaware of its actual meaning, the public and news mediacan only deduce from the outer appearance that the promotion of“love for all” by the Tibetan Tantric School is a virtuous religiousbehavior and thus generally admire and support their religiousmovement.

However, the so-called “love for all” by the Tibetan TantricSchool is in fact the evil behavior of having sex with others’ wivesor daughters, in the guise of “love for all”. The truth about this“love for all” promoted by the Tibetan Tantric School is the pursuitof tactile happiness extending from the male sexual organ to thewhole body during copulation; this practice follows the teaching ofthe Couple-Practice Tantra, which is the contents of Tranquility andInsight in Tsongkhapa’s book The Great Treatise on the Stages of thePath to Enlightenment. All contents of Tranquility and Insight areabout the co-practice of copulation by a male and female couple. Dueto the book’s obscure wording, only the lamas can grasp its realmeaning, which they do not explain to general believers. They onlyteach these “Tranquility and Insight” tricks in private to thefemales they are interested in, with the purpose of seducing theminto cultivating the couple-practice of copulation. Tsongkhaparequested the lamas to cultivate the Couple-Practice Tantra everyday and, during practice, to extend the tactile bliss from thesexual organ to the whole body for a long time. He requested thatthey should copulate with women every day in each lifetime andshould maintain the whole-body tactile bliss by embracing women forat least sixteen hours a day.

From the above facts, we can conclude that the purpose for theTibetan Tantric School to extensively promote “love for all” is infact loving all women in the world. Whenever they find a qualified beautiful woman, they will make every effort to copulate with her sothat both parties can obtain the whole-body bliss. This is the truthabout “love for all” promoted by the Tibetan Tantra School. However,the Tibetan Tantric School has never disclosed it, but instead, hasjust been hawking the expression “love for all,” a concept that theyfail to explain clearly, so that the public and news media, due tomisconception, would wrongly think that it is a religion with loveand would thus zealously support it. The public and news media thinktheir behavior is to generally guide the society toward virtuousnessand brightness, but in fact they destroy more families of tantriclearners.

Since these are facts which the public and news media are unawareof, all those who know the truth should speak up and unveil thetruth about the “love for all” promoted by the Tibetan TantricSchool to the public. Therefore, we can prevent more females frombeing hurt continuously (losing their chastity due to having sexwith the lamas) as well as the occurrence of family disruptions. Forthese reasons, we publish this book with the hope that the publiccan learn the truth about the “love for all” promoted by the TibetanTantric School, and thus make this note on January 5, 2010.


The term “love for all” has been heard frequently, and manyreligious people use it as a slogan. However, what are their realpurposes behind the term for “love for all?” We must pay specialattention to this question because there have been many defraudinggroups from the ancient time till nowadays, without exception in thereligious society. We realize that there are many religious sexualassaults disclosed every year, with other countless casesundisclosed yet. Many of those people who frequently say “love forall” disguise themselves in different ways with different outerappearances in front of the public. Among them, the most real caseis Tibetan “Buddhism,” or called the tantric Lamaism, led by theDalai Lama. He says gracefully in The Blessing of the Dalai Lama on2006—Instructions for Life: “Approach love and cooking with recklessabandon.”[1] What is the real meaning behind this statement? We willgradually expound the kernel thought behind the “Mahayoga,” which ispropagated by this highest dharma-king of Tibetan“Buddhism”—Lamaism.

In recent twenty to thirty years, we can see that the tantricLamaism penetrates Taiwan gradually; the cultivation centers of thetantric practice have been set up very quickly in Taiwan, in thename of “Tibetan Buddhism.” Under the guise of “Buddhism,” they arein fact spreading the doctrine of Lamaism, which originates from theancient Hindu Tantrism with reproduction worship and cultivates theCouple-Practice Tantra of copulation. Because of Taiwan people’svirtue and the Taiwan Buddhist society’s ignorance of the TibetanBuddhism’s real contents, the public do not have the capability toidentify that the essence of the Lamaistic teachings, doctrines, andpractices in fact have nothing to do with the Buddha dharma; thegist of Tibetan “Buddhism” even conflicts with the teachings of thereal Buddhism. Due to the ignorance of their real details, Taiwanesepeople accept the misconception that “Tibetan Buddhism is Buddhism,”wrongly think they are the venerable monks with pure practice, andthus donate huge money to offer these lamas, who diligentlycultivate the Couple-Practice Tantra of copulation. Therefore, theselamas and rinpoches, who were exiled to many countries, all chooseTaiwan as the best place where they want to come for dharmatransmission and empowerment. They all think that Taiwanese peopleare very rich. Taiwan becomes the biggest financial supporter tohelp the exiled government of Tibetan Buddhism, which is led by theDalai Lama. These lamas, who practice the Couple-Practice Tantra,not only take Taiwanese people’s hard earned money away but alsohave sex with many Taiwanese females, presenting their “love forall”—to cultivate the Couple-Practice Tantra of Mahayoga with allfemales. We can see many sexual assaults happen over and over againat many tantric cultivation centers in Taiwan. The cases that werereported by the media are in fact very few; most of the sexualassaults were covered up out of consideration for the victims’reputation.

The tantric lamas not only steal the name of Buddhism but alsohave created social chaos. The major cause of social chaos resultsfrom the kernel doctrine of Lamaism—the Dual Operations of Bliss andEmptiness through Mahayoga—which concentrates on the orgasm andkeeps a state where no thought arises for a long time. They claimthat this is the realization level of the Union of Bliss andEmptiness as well as the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness,which is the highest achievement in Mahayoga. They cheat theBuddhists by saying that this level is the realization of theultimate Buddhahood, and one is able to further purify the spiritthrough sexual intercourse (dignifying it with the name ofempowerment of Mahayoga). By this way, they attract many of thosewho are innocent and ignorant of the real contents of the tantricLamaism. Consequently, many lamas, living-buddhas and rinpoches, inthe name of Tibetan “Buddhism,” come to Taiwan to hold theactivities like empowerment, prayer or dharma-spreading through theadvertising methods of politics, news and media business to cheatTaiwanese females for couple-practice of copulation. Lamaism namesthese females buddha-mothers and makes them wrongly think they willbecome a Buddha quickly if they can have the couple-practice ofcopulation with their living-buddha teachers (gurus). With that kindof claims, some Taiwanese females who have been confused with theillusory title of buddha-mother are willing to cooperate with thelamas on sexual misconduct as well as cheating, and collude withthem to cheat more innocent females. The worse case of the lamas’behavior is using the excuse of enhancing the practice to directlyrape the beautiful female followers to satisfy their sexual desiresthrough the Couple-Practice Tantra; they make these females, whowant to learn the pure Buddha dharma originally, fall into theendless sufferings but dare not to disclose it at all. The tantriclamas who worship this kind of “love for all” advocated by the DalaiLama and want to love all women in the whole world are in facthoping to cultivate the Couple-Practice Tantra with worldwidefemales. This is the true meaning of the Dalai Lama’s “love forall.” However, the public are defrauded by him and do not know thatthey should prevent their female family members from harm. Inaddition to those females who are sexually assaulted, their husbandsare even more pitiful; they have been cuckolded secretly, but theystill offer lots of money to the lamas. What a pity! Many of themeven lose their wives and money at the same time, and can only weepin private, nowhere to accuse the lamas. These events continue tohappen everywhere in Taiwan, China, and even the whole world. Bythis way, Tibetan “Buddhism”—Lamaism—uses the Buddhist appearance,media advertisement, political manipulation, and the slogans ofhuman right to dignify themselves so that they can “have love forall women in the whole world.”

Taiwan is a free, democratic and rational society that allows thefreedom of speech. Therefore, Lamaism can speak loudly in public tocheat Taiwanese people. Many people do not know that Lamaism, orso-called Tibetan “Buddhism,” is not Buddhism at all and let thelamas, who disguise themselves as the Buddhists and practice theCouple-Practice Tantra, continue to sexually assault our virtuous,ignorant females. The True Enlightenment Education Foundationcommits itself to the social education and the guarding of virtuouscustom, and aims to spread Buddha Sakyamuni’s Tathagatagarbha dharmaas well as to purify the practice for the way to Buddhahood. TheFoundation cannot bear to see the lamas, who disguise themselves asthe Buddhists, harm people; therefore it appeals to the public withthe hope that they can recognize the details of Tibetan“Buddhism”—Lamaism. Due to poor information availability in ancienttime, originally Tibetan “Buddhism” practitioners cultivated theCouple-Practice Tantra in secret, and so most of people did not knowthat the couple-practice of copulation is the essence of Lamaism andthe root, consistent doctrine; even the novice tantric practitionersdid not know this truth either. However nowadays, with thewell-developed information and the teachings of the lamas who visitTaiwan, the real details of the tantric practice are disclosedgradually. In addition, since more and more sex scandals about thelamas are uncovered, many wise people can gather the real evidenceand announce it to the public. But until now, lots of people stilldo not know the truth. As for the Dalai Lama, who is the leader ofTibetan “Buddhism,” he does not blame the lamas for the more andmore sexual assaults but rather quietly support them. In fact, it isimpossible for him to disagree with them because the Couple-PracticeTantra is the root doctrine of the tantric practice. In the DalaiLama’s writings, we also find many statements that promote theCouple-Practice Tantra. The kernel doctrine of Tibetan “Buddhism” isthe obscene skill of the Couple-Practice Tantra—having a stifferection without ejaculation for a long time, thus vajra beingcalled, and enjoying sexual happiness for a long time, thus thereward-body buddha being realized. Actually this kind of reward-bodybuddha is the “embracing-body” buddha and has completely nothing todo with the state of the real reward-body Buddha in Buddhism.Therefore, the Dalai Lama, in his many writings of both English andChinese, talks about the realization of yoga through copulation andproclaims that the actual realization of Buddhism should bepracticed via sex. He teaches and encourages people to practice theCouple-Practice Tantra in public, and lies that the obscene sexualbehavior among the teacher and students in turn, which is the lowestlevel in the desire-realm, is the highest Buddhist practice andrealization. With this kind of teachings, of course he does notforbid the lamas to either seduce or rape their female followers.Through the political advertising means, the Dalai Lama dignifieshis thoughts with the name of prayer, empowerment, freedom, peace,etc. in order to rationalize the Couple-Practice Tantra of Tibetan“Buddhism.” Essentially their actual behavior is still the obscenesexual intercourse between the lamas and the female followers.Although the Dalai Lama skillfully uses many tricks to cheat thepublic, the wise and rational people will not be tricked by hislies. Nevertheless, many other people who blindly believe in theouter appearance of the “reincarnated living-buddha” are deceived byhis lies. Some Taiwanese Buddhist monastic practitioners who wronglybelieve that the Dalai Lama is a great practitioner, with amisconception that the Couple-Practice Tantra is the Buddha dharmatoo, violate Buddha Sakyamuni’s pure, clean precept of celibacy formonastic persons and have cultivated the Couple-Practice Tantra insecret already. They seriously violate the precept and havecommitted the sin of hell karma. Such poor people are the victims ofthe Dalai Lama’s group. Just think about how influential it is: Eventhe lay Buddhists will not violate the precept of no sexualmisconduct, now the monastic practitioners, with the Dalai Lama’senticement, cannot keep their precept of celibacy and continue toextensively cultivate the Couple-Practice Tantra in secret; withthis situation, the moral virtues will completely disappear, and thetraditional ethics will no longer exist in Taiwan; inevitably, thesame thing will also happen in China. Therefore, every man shouldprevent his wife from learning the tantric practice lest he will becuckolded unwittingly, and every self-respecting female should keepfar away from the tantric practice so that she can be free from thedoubts of her friends and husband for having sex with the lama.

From the aspect of Buddhist actual realization, in fact, the DalaiLama is just an ordinary person who neither eliminates the self-view(not realizing the first-fruition yet) nor gets enlightened (not anenlightened bodhisattva). He deceitfully claimed to be thereincarnation of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara through the deliberatepolitical manipulation in Tibet and is highly praised and respectedby the public now through the gross exaggeration of the westernmedia. But a rational person can think over the following questions:If the Dalai Lama were the real reincarnation of BodhisattvaAvalokitesvara, would Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara teach the disciplesto cultivate the Couple-Practice Tantra of copulation so that theycan keep the obscene happiness longer everyday? Does the practiceallow the copulation of incest between teacher and student, motherand son, or father and daughter? Is that possible that BodhisattvaAvalokitesvara is so unclean like this? Some lamas even have sexwith female animals to cultivate the Couple-Practice Tantra.Surprisingly, the Dalai Lama, who claims himself to be thereincarnation or embodiment of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, agreeswith the lamas’ infamous behavior, and he himself teaches them to doso as well. Is it possible that he is the reincarnation orembodiment of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, who is clean, pure, andbeyond the desire-realm, form-realm and formless-realm?

Some more questions are: Is it possible that BodhisattvaAvalokitesvara, who has great compassion, eats meat and drinksalcohol with his followers in public? Would he teach his followersto offer the five kinds of nectar (feces, urine, brain marrow,menses and semen) and the five kinds of flesh (elephant flesh, horseflesh, human flesh, pork and dog flesh with blood) to the pure,clean, undefiled Buddhas and bodhisattvas?

Those who have sense of reason and the Buddhist knowledge allknow: This is by no means the clean, pure state of BodhisattvaAvalokitesvara; Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara never does that kind ofthing since it has violated the basic precept of the Buddha dharmaand fallen down into the dharma of desire-realm. One can think aboutit from another aspect: If the Dalai Lama is the true reincarnationof Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, why is he unable to realize the basicfirst-fruition of the Liberation-Way? Why is he unable to getenlightened and attain the merits and virtues of seeing the way ofthe Buddhahood-Way? He does not even have the merits and virtues ofseeing the way, not to mention the wisdom of practicing the way,which the bodhisattvas of the various grounds have.

Despite the factual evidence presented, the Dalai Lama, who isjust an ordinary person, still shamelessly allows his followers tolie to the ignorant public that he is the reincarnation ofBodhisattva Avalokitesvara. In fact, Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara isthe True Dharma Enlightenment Tathagata, who became theequal-enlightenment bodhisattva in reverse order; it is impossiblefor him not to attain the wisdom of realizing the first fruit, andeven more impossible for him not to get enlightened. Since gettingenlightened means having found the Tathagatagarbha mind, the DalaiLama denying the existence of Tathagatagarbha reflects the fact thathe does not get enlightened yet. Those who do not get enlightenedare ignorant of the true reality in the dharma world. Consequently,the greatly exaggerated claims about the Dalai Lama being thereincarnation of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara are merely thedeliberate manipulation through political and religious power tofool people. Only those foolish, superstitious people will believethat the Dalai Lama is the reincarnation of BodhisattvaAvalokitesvara. The fake Buddha dharma that the Lamaistic gurus(teachers) and lamas talk about is only using the Buddhist terms butwith the essential contents of practicing the obscene DualOperations of Bliss and Emptiness of Mahayoga. Essentially, it isthe skill of copulation between male and female and has completelynothing to do with the Buddha dharma. However, these lamas cheat thepublic by using the Buddhist terms and hiding the real contents oftantric practice. The wise Taiwanese people will not accept thelamas’ public lies; only those stupid, superstitious persons willbelieve them; and only those females who have made love with thelama or those monastic practitioners who have violated the preceptof celibacy will continue to support Lamaism.

All the wise in Taiwan should refuse the lamas, led by the DalaiLama, to widely take the huge money of Taiwanese people away, refuseLamaism to continue defiling the monastic practitioners, who wereclean and pure originally, and even refuse the lamas to seduce yourwife or daughter for cultivating the Couple-Practice Tantra. Thewise Taiwanese men should refuse the lamas to seduce or rape theTaiwanese females and prevent themselves from being cuckolded by thelamas in secret. If you allow your wife to cultivate the tantricpractice, sooner or later, it will result in the secret co-practiceof the Couple-Practice Tantra of copulation between your wife andthe lama because it is the root doctrine of Lamaism. Unfortunately,this is the current situation—the males, whose wives cultivatetantric Lamaism, have been cuckolded. Those Taiwanese men not onlylet their wives have sex with the lamas or living-buddhas in secretfor the Dual Operation of Happiness and Emptiness of Mahayoga butalso happily let their wives offer the money, which they earn hard,to the lamas or living-buddhas. These lamas continue to receive theworship and offerings in public, but continue to have sex with theTaiwanese men’s wives for the Couple-Practice Tantra in private.What a pitiful thing!

Again, the Dalai Lama took the chance of the typhoon disaster onAugust 8 and came to Taiwan to earn huge money, under the dignifiedname of his prayer for Taiwanese people. It seems they want to showtheir “love for all” to Taiwanese people, but Taiwanese people donot know that the substance of their “love for all” is to have sexwith all women and make them get the sexual happiness. It means theywant to extensively make love with all Taiwanese females, but theydignify it in the name of cultivating Mahayoga. On the other hand,we should explore the following question: Is it effective that theDalai Lama pray to the Buddha for blessing? Due to the visits ofmany lamas, which are assigned by the Dalai Lama, lots of sexualassaults on Taiwanese virtuous females occur under the guise ofBuddhism. We cannot just let it happens without any action; wecannot bear that Taiwanese females are defiled by the lamas and losetheir chastity. Therefore, we stand out and advocate:

The Dalai Lama encourages the cultivation of the Couple-PracticeTantra all the time. Regardless how much effort they use to dignifythe tantric practice with the “Buddhist terms,” it has completelynothing to do with the Buddha dharma. The Dalai Lama’s practiceattainment is far below that of any local Taiwanese monasticpractitioner who cleanly and purely keeps his precept. In addition,the Dalai Lama has seriously violated the Buddha’s clean, pureprecept and is the evil person who has committed the gross sin ofthe Avici Hell; according to the Buddhist precept, he willdefinitely fall down to the hell after death. The Dalai Lama is theevil one who replaces Buddha Sakyamuni’s dharma with thenon-Buddhist dharma and completely destroys the Buddhist truedharma. Since all Buddhas dislike this kind of persons, the prayerof the Dalai Lama, who commits sexual misconduct as well as damagesthe true dharma, will not be supported by all Buddhas no matter howbig the ceremony is or how loud the sounds of Buddhist musicalinstruments are. Therefore, his prayer is useless!

We not only identify in public that what the Dalai Lama does isdamaging the true dharma but also advise him to proclaim in public:to abandon the Couple-Practice Tantra and donate all the income ofthis ceremony to the suffering Taiwanese people!

This time, while the Dalai Lama visited Taiwan to collect money inthe name of prayer for blessings, around four hundred bodhisattvasof the True Enlightenment Education Foundation automatically stoodout and went to Kaohsiung to protest against him with the purposesof disclosing the obscene fact of the Couple-Practice Tantra inTibetan “Buddhism,” extensively protecting the Taiwanese femalesfrom being defiled, preventing the Taiwanese males from beingcuckolded in secret by the lamas, and educating Taiwanese people tokeep far away from the tantric Lamaism as sooner as possible so thatthey would not be harmed. We summarize the related media reports inthis book, identifies the contents of the Couple-Practice Tantra inthe later part of the book with evidence, and distributes it freelyand continuously so as to educate the public to avoid being cheated.We also appeal to the wise Taiwanese people to do more good things,not supporting the lamas, who seduce or rape the Taiwanese females,so that the lamas will no longer hurt Taiwan in a hidden way.Inviting the foreign lamas or living-buddhas, who disguisethemselves as the Buddhist practitioners, is in fact to set a fox tokeep one’s geese and make this land, which is clean and pureoriginally, have obscene evil karma everywhere. It also attracts theghosts and demons, who disguise themselves as the Buddhas orbodhisattvas, and results in more severe disasters than this one inthe future. The wise should refuse the prayers, empowerments, andteachings of the Dalai Lama, who promotes the evil couple-practiceof copulation with multiple female followers and does not hold thepure precepts. What we need is the prayer from the true Buddhistdharma-masters with clean, pure precept. With the tantric practiceflooding in Taiwan now, those males whose wives are tantric learnerswill possibly be cuckolded and should have the following questions:Does my wife have sex with the lama? Am I cuckolded by the lama insecret?

Lamaism,with the Couple-Practice Tantra,is not Buddhism!

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Ι. Dalai Lama’s Prayer Being Useless

Tibetan “Buddhism,” led by the Dalai Lama, or called Lamaism,tries to use the “copulation of the Couple-Practice Tantra ofMahayoga” to have “love for all”—loving all women in the world. Inthe name of praying for the victims of the typhoon disaster, theywant to expand their power in Taiwan, get more money from Taiwan,and enlarge the financial resources of Tibetan exiled government.But in fact, the Dalai Lama’s prayer is useless. We can prove itthrough the three arguments as follows:

First, Tibetan “Buddhism” usually exaggerates that the Dalai Lamais the reincarnation of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara and have beenreincarnated for fourteen times till now; the current Dalai Lama isthe fourteenth generation. However, from the recorded historicaldata, we can find that most of the Dalai Lamas in the history diedbefore they became an adult, many of them being dead before twentyyears old. From this simple fact, we can conclude that the DalaiLama is by no means the reincarnation of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvarabut an ordinary person, who is exaggerated as the great bodhisattvathrough the governmental religious policy of fooling people andmedia promotion. This time, through the political manipulation, hecame to Taiwan in the name of prayer and empowerment. Beacause ofpromoting the extensive cultivation of the Couple-Practice Tantra,he does not have the qualification and capability to pray forpeople, and thus his prayer to Buddhas or bodhisattvas is definitelyuseless. Those who have Buddhist knowledge all know that BodhisattvaAvalokitesvara is the great bodhisattva of equal-enlightenment whohas perfected the virtuous welfare and supra-mundane wisdom; it isimpossible for her to die so young. Only in Tibetan “Buddhism” butnot in the true Buddhism, there exists the “living-buddhas” who diedin their early age. If someone argues: “These Dalai Lamas who diedearly is because of political conflict and oppression,” this kind oftalk can even prove the Dalai Lama is not the reincarnation ofBodhisattva Avalokitesvara since Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara had beenthe True Dharma Enlightenment Tathagata, who became the bodhisattvain reverse order, and had been a Buddha already; due to the greatkindness and compassion, Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara manifestsherself as the equal-enlightenment bodhisattva to rescue thesuffering sentient beings. All Buddhas have perfected their virtuouswelfare and wisdom, it is impossible for them to die so early,without the worldly welfare at all. It is even more impossible forthem to die by the political oppression. Those who die by thepolitical oppression will not be the true Buddha. However in Tibetan“Buddhism,” the living-buddhas, the Dalai Lamas of many generations,mostly died early, with the incarnations of very short life.Consequently, the lie that “the Dalai Lama is the reincarnation ofBodhisattva Avalokitesvara” can only confuse those who lack wisdomand are superstitious; only in Tibetan “Buddhism,” Lamaism, thereexists the short-life-buddha, and only those superstitious personswill believe this claim of Lamaism; the prayers of this Dalai Lama,who disguises himself as a Buddha, are completely in vain; heengages in the political activities of “Tibet independence” in thename of religion and came to Taiwan for supporting lamas, whoseduces the females to cultivate the Couple-Practice Tantra insecret. Therefore, we should recognize the following fact: The DalaiLama is only a politico, a fake practitioner and an ordinary personwho always intends to cultivate the Couple-Practice Tantra withfemales.

Second, from the Buddhist viewpoint, the Dalai Lama replaces thetrue Buddha dharma with the non-Buddhist eternalism, which thinksthe conscious mind is permanent and never ceasing, and regards theobscene happiness of concentrating on copulation, the DualOperations of Bliss and Emptiness of Mahayoga, as the highestrealization level of practice. With such behavior, he is never theclean, pure Buddhist. This person’s prayer to the Buddhas andbodhisattvas is absolutely useless. In addition, the purposes of hisvisit to Taiwan this time are to make a political show of “Tibetindependence” in the name of praying for the typhoon victims, tocollect wealth through Taiwanese people’s offering, and to propagatethe Couple-Practice Tantra of Mahayoga in the name of Lamaistic“love for all”—loving all women in the whole world. The prayerceremony held by this kind of person does not have any effect atall. But it is a pity that many stupid, superstitious persons arestill willing to blindly follow him.

Third, the Dalai Lama, the so-called the highest dharma-king of“Tibetan Buddhism,” is actually the dharma destroyer who negates thetrue dharma of Buddha Sakyamuni; he slanders the Buddha with thefollowing statements:

According to the general Mahayana point of view, there were threemajor turnings of the wheel, as the three main cycles of theBuddha's teachings are traditionally called. The teachings that weregiven during these three major turnings of the wheel are literallycontradictory—some elements are really incompatible. (Jeremy Haywardand Francisco J. Varela, Gentle Bridges: Conversations with theDalai Lama on the Sciences of Mind, 1992, Boston, Mass.: ShambhalaPublications, p.31)

From above cited passage, we can know the Dalai Lama slanders theBuddha and negates all the holy teachings of the Buddha’s thirdturning of the wheel; he does not believe the consistency of thesutras in the three turnings of the wheel during different timeperiods. On the other hand, through the actual realization, we haveproven the Buddha’s doctrines in all sutras of the three turnings ofthe wheel in different times are completely consistent, without anyconflict. It also proves that the Dalai Lama does not understand allthe doctrines of the three turnings of the wheel. Therefore heseriously misunderstands them and arbitrarily makes the slander.From this, we can know that he has not yet actually realized thebodhi of three vehicles; thus he cannot master the consistency ofthe doctrines among all sutras of the three turnings and concludesthey are literally contradictory to each other. Only the stupidpersons will believe that such an ordinary person is thereincarnation of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. Although the Dalai Lamaclaims the teaching of the second turning is the best, he devaluesthe eighth consciousness Tathagatagarbha, which is the root ofprajna wisdom in the second turning. For example, he says in hisbook:

As far as my own position is concerned, I totally refute theexistence of the foundation consciousness. (Francisco J. Varela,Sleeping, Dreaming and Dying, 1997, Boston: Wisdom Publications,p.87)

Since the Dalai Lama has not yet actually realized the true mindof the dharma-realm, it is impossible for him to believe the holyteaching of the sutras in the three turnings: If all sentient beingscan actually realize the true mind, the Alaya consciousnessTathagatagarbha, and practice accordingly, they can become Buddhasfinally. Since he has not yet found it, he dares to commit such agrave evil karma of slandering the holy teaching. If one invitesthis kind of person, who slanders the Buddha and commits the seriousevil karma of destroying the true dharma, for prayer, it isobviously in vain.

Fourth, the lamas steal the Buddhist terms, claim their practiceas Tibetan “Buddhism,” and lie that the Couple-Practice Tantra ofcopulation—the empowerment with the Dual Operations of Bliss andEmptiness in Mahayoga—is a Buddhist practice method. Nevertheless,this kind of copulation method by a male and female couple is infact a non-Buddhist practice of Tantrism in ancient India, nothingbut a “Procreation Worship” of primitive religion; it is exactly thetantric thought that was promoted at the ending age of Hinduism. Allstates of the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness in Mahayoga,from the first joy (the long tactile happiness of both male andfemale sexual organs) to the fourth joy (the long tactile happinessextended from the sexual organ to the whole body—the state oftantric reward-body buddha), have completely nothing to do with theeliminations of self-view and self-attachment, which are the arhats’realization of the Liberation-Way, and also have nothing to do withseeing the Way (getting enlightened or seeing the Buddha-nature),which is actually realized by the bodhisattvas of theBuddhahood-Way. Consequently “Tibetan Buddhism” is by no meansBuddhism; they are the ordinary people who do not believe in theclean, pure Buddha dharma and steal the name of “Buddhism.” Theevidence can also prove a fact: The lamas groundlessly slander theBuddhas and bodhisattvas, destroy the true Buddhist doctrines,commit huge evil karmas of sexual misconduct, and have lost lots ofwelfare; since they believe in the fake buddha and bodhisattvasdisguised by ghosts or demons, inviting them for blessing is thesame as inviting the ghosts and demons to Taiwan, bringing the seedsof future natural disaster in secret; this invitation also means toinvite the person whom the Buddha and bodhisattvas dislike forprayer; can it achieve the purpose of blessing? The wise like youcan know the answer easily. Therefore, spending huge money to invitethe Dalai Lama to Taiwan for prayer is far more ineffective than toinvite native Taiwanese dharma masters who have clean, pure practicefor prayer. In fact, nothing can be obtained from the prayer of theDalai Lama and his followers.

Ⅱ.Dalai Lama Never a Messenger of Peace

The lamas of the Tibetan Tantric School have been sexually abusingmany women and girls for a long time; they collect money by fraudand are love swindlers. In his book, the Dalai Lama frankly says:

For Buddhists, sexual intercourse can be used in the spiritualpath because it causes a strong focusing of consciousness if thepractitioner has firm compassion and wisdom. Its purpose is tomanifest and prolong the deeper levels of mind. (described earlierwith respect to the process of dying), in order to put their powerto use in strengthening the realization of emptiness. Otherwise,mere intercourse has nothing to do with spiritual cultivation. Whena person has achieved a high level of practice in motivation andwisdom, then even the joining of the two sex organs, or so-calledintercourse, does not detract from the maintenance of that person’spure behavior. Yogis who have achieved a high level of the path andare fully qualified can engage in sexual activity and a monasticwith this ability can maintain all the precepts. (Dalai LamaXIV/translated and edited by Jeffrey Hopkins, How to Practice: TheWay to a Meaningful Life, Pocket Books, a division of Simon &Schuster, Inc. NY, 2002, p.193.)

In fact, sexual intercourse can never be the means of Buddhistpractice because one should be away from the sexual desire in orderto attain even the basic samadhi inBuddhism. However, Tibetan“Buddhism” (or called Lamaism, a fake Buddhism) uses it as an excusefor indulging in the sensual pleasures. The practice of all arhats,bodhisattvas and Buddhas needs to eliminate the sexual desire sothat they can transcend the desire-realm. Therefore, in thethree-vehicle bodhi of Buddhism, sexual intercourse is alwaysdisapproved because it is only a state of the mind-consciousness,which is equivalent to the state of the non-Buddhist eternalism.Only those who are ignorant of the real Buddhism will brag thatsexual intercourse is also a Buddhist dharma. Such a statement fromthe Dalai Lama is only to make the lamas rightfully have sex withother people’s wives or daughters. Only those ignorant people whohave blind faith in the famous Dalai Lama will cling to the lamas’blessings and wrongly believe that one can attain Buddhahood throughsexual intercourse. In fact, for those gurus of the Tibetan“Buddhism,” including the Dalai Lama, the Couple-Practice Tantra ofMahayoga (Anuttara-Yoga-Tantra) is only a deceptive excuse for theirlicentious behavior. The real Buddhist monastics take the precept ofcelibacy; one must be away from the greed for sexual love, with apure body and mind, so that he can have the merits and virtues ofsamadhi. The Tibetan “Buddhism,” Lamaism led by the Dalai Lama,preaches adultery, which is a state in the lowest grade ofdesire-realm. Adultery, which violates the human ethics, is actuallya behavior that will lead to the animal or hell path in the futurelives of one and his followers; it is absolutely not a method ofBuddhist practice.

The lamas of the Tibetan Tantric School have collected wealthillegally in Taiwan for many years; they have cheated the Taiwanesefollowers out of their resources and money. Again, they came toTaiwan for raising money by taking advantage of the disaster ofTaiwan (August 8 Flood Disaster or called Typhoon Morakot Disaster).While the Taiwanese people were suffering from the typhoon disasterand in urgent need of help, the Dalai Lama came to Taiwan for showand collected wealth under the guise of praying for the blessings.Therefore, the members of the True Enlightenment EducationFoundation made a public request: “The Dalai Lama should give allthe money raised from the prayer meeting to those victims of thedisaster. Do not take advantage of the kindness of Taiwanese peopleand take away their hard-earned money in the name of praying for theblessings while the victims are in need of help.”

The wise Taiwanese people! Just think calmly: Are you stillwilling to donate your money to the lamas who always have sex withother people’s wives or daughters in Taiwan every year? Do you stillwant to invite those who openly or privately focus on theCouple-Practice Tantra to pray for the blessings? To have mutualsympathy and to help each other are actually the most valuabletreasure of Taiwanese people. We do not need a foreign swindler toperform the religious ceremony, which is ineffective and will leadto the evil results. The Dalai Lama’s prayer will invite the demonsand ghosts that support “the Couple-Practice Tantra of Mahayoga inTibetan Buddhism.” Such a prayer will make the Taiwanese connectwith the lecherous devils and make the Taiwanese women continue tocommit adultery with the lamas. Therefore, all the husbands of thosefemale believers of Tibetan “Buddhism” will be in danger of wearinga green hat. (The Chinese slang “wearing a green hat” means thatsomeone’s wife is unfaithful.) It is incredible that someone invitedsuch a person to pray for the blessings. It is absolutely ridiculousbecause the Dalai Lama’s prayer is totally ineffective.

Today, many people who are ignorant of right and evil stillstrongly support the Dalai Lama, who preaches the evilCouple-Practice Tantra under the guise of “Buddhism.” It is evenmore terrible and miserable that many people wrongly considerLamaism (its lamas focusing on the Couple-Practice Tantra andprivately having sex with other people’s wives or daughters) to be abranch school of Buddhism. They have blind faith in Tibetan“Buddhism” only because it is under the guise of Buddhism, and theydo not want to know at all about the connotation of the Buddhistteachings, which is entirely different from that of Lamaism. Somepeople even strongly propagate Lamaism, making the evilCouple-Practice Tantra (the “Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptinessof Mahayoga in Tibetan Buddhism”) widely spread in Taiwan. Under theinfluence of the strong propagation by those who have blind faith inthe Dalai Lama, the Taiwanese females will continue to be sexuallyabused. As to those Taiwanese men who support their wives inlearning Lamaism, they do not know that they are wearing a green hatafter their wives have committed adultery secretly with the lamas.

From the Buddhist perspective, those who strongly support theCouple-Practice Tantra of Tibetan “Buddhism” also do not know thatthey have already created a collective karma that will lead to thehell and animal paths in their future lives. Even if one is in highsocial status or knowledgeable in this lifetime, or one is famous oroutwardly modest at present, he will make the social moralitydecline to an extent that cannot be saved because he helps to spreadthe evil and licentious Lamaism due to ignorance. Those who supportthe “Couple-Practice Tantra of Tibetan Buddhism” are misleading thegeneral people and get them into trouble. What we can do now is tosay “No” to Lamaism. We will continue to tell people the true factsand hope to correct the knowledge of the public so that everyone canclearly understand the essence of Tibetan “Buddhism” (Lamaism),which is evil and licentious all the way. Let us pray that theTaiwanese men can increase their wisdom by the unseen help ofBuddhas and bodhisattvas; they can keep their wives away from theTibetan Tantric School so that they are not in the danger of wearinga green hat.

Let us work together to help and protect the Taiwanese people andmake their wisdom grow!

We pray that the Taiwanese people will not again receive the evilteachings of those tantric gurus, lamas or living-buddhas and do notwrongly think that the Buddhist monks can have the couple-practiceof copulation with the female disciples. Do not let theCouple-Practice Tantra of “Tibetan Buddhism” continue to defileTaiwan. Do not let the lamas of the Tibetan fake Buddhism, led bythe Dalai Lama, continue to deceive the Taiwanese men and to commitadultery with their female followers. The innocent Taiwanese menshould not allow their wives to learn the tantric practice lest theymight wear a green hat. Do not let the lamas continue to deceive theignorant, superstitious monastics into violating the precept ofcelibacy under the guise of Buddhism. We hope that the Buddhistworld of Taiwan renounce the evil Couple-Practice Tantra and becomepure. When the Taiwanese people can stop the lamas of Tibetan fakeBuddhism from sexually abusing the females, the seeds of evil karmacreated by the lamas’ adultery will stop to grow. Only this way canTaiwan be away from the natural disasters induced secretly by thedemons and ghosts, which are the fake buddhas and bodhisattvasinvited by the lamas. We make a serious public request: The braveand wise Taiwanese! The prayer ceremony should be performed by usbut not by the Dalai Lama, who creates the evil karma of adulteryand is not welcomed by all Buddhas and bodhisattvas.

Ⅲ.Evil Religion More Terrible thanNatural Disaster—The true facts of the Couple-Practice Tantra in Tibetan Buddhism

1.Tantric lamas cultivating the central channel and Chi-Practice,and even diligently practicing jumping in a cross-legged sittingposture for exercising the Couple-Practice Tantra with femalefollowers

The lamas of the Tibetan Tantric School claim that they can attainBuddhahood in this lifetime. Therefore, they will endeavor toexercise the central channel and Chi-Practice before doing theactual couple-practice of copulation. For example, the Dalai Lamaclaims:

The experiences that you have while falling asleep and while dyingresult from the dissolution of the various elements. There aredifferent ways in which this process of dissolution takes places.For instance, it can occur as a result of specific forms ofmeditation that employ the imagination. The dissolution, orwithdraw, of the elements corresponds to levels of subtleties ofconsciousness. Whenever this dissolution occurs, there is one commonelement: the differences in the subtlety of consciousness occur dueto changes in the vital energies.

There are three ways that these changes in the vital energies canoccur. One is a purely natural, physiological process, due to thedissolution of the different elements, namely earth (solidity),water (fluidity), fire (heat), and air (motility). It happensnaturally in sleep and in the dying process, and it’s notintentional. An analogous change occurs in the vital energies as aresult of meditation that uses the power of concentration andimagination. This change in the vital energies results in a shift ofconsciousness from gross to subtle. The third way is through sexualintercourse. However, the shift of energies, and the shift fromgross to subtle consciousness, does not occur in ordinarycopulation, but only through a special practice where one controlsthe movement of the regenerative fluid in sexual intercourse, bothfor men and women. (Francisco J. Varela, Sleeping, Dreaming andDying, Wisdom Publications, Boston, 1997, p.43-44.)

This statement from the Dalai Lama clearly shows: The lamasdiligently exercise the central channel and Chi-Practice in order topractice Mahayoga through “the behavior of sexual intercourse.” Theyhope that, through the methods of exercising the Chi-Practice andcentral channel, they can maintain longer duration withoutejaculation during the Couple-Practice Tantra of Mahayoga. Thus, theChi-Practice and jumping in a cross-legged sitting posture areprepared for the couple-practice of copulation. The lamas jump whileembracing and copulating with the female follower and make herrapidly achieve orgasm. In this way, while having sex with multiplepartners at the same time, the lamas can make all the femalefollowers highly pleasurable and achieve the purpose of “love forall.” With such a technique of sexual love, they can “love all thefemales in the world.” The “special practice” mentioned in the booksof the Dalai Lama is actually “the practice method of sexual love.”In a book by Francisco J. Varela, the Dalai Lama says as follows:

Here we are discussing the effulgent pristine awareness, and it'squite feasible that its existence might be means of scientificresearch.

For instance, there's a great difference between the movement ofthe regenerative fluids for two individuals engaged in ordinarysexual intercourse as opposed to a highly realized male yogi andfemale yogini who are engaged in sexual intercourse. Although thereis a general difference, there should be similarities from the timewhen the regenerative fluids begin to flow down until they reach acertain point. In both ordinary sexual intercourse and in the sexualunion practiced by advanced tantric practitioners, the regenerativefluids move to the point of the genitals. Because of this it wouldbe possible to conduct research to learn about the processesoccurring in the ordinary sexual act.

In principle, the general difference between the two types ofsexual act is the control of the flow of regenerative fluids.Tantric practitioners must have control over the flow of the fluids,and those who are highly experienced can even reverse the directionof the flow, even when it has reached the tip of the genitals. Lessexperienced practitioners have to reverse the direction of the flowfrom a higher point. If the fluids descend too far down, they aremore difficult to control.

One training method that can be used as a standard of measurementof the level of one's control entails inserting a straw into thegenitals. In this practice the yogi first draws water, and latermilk, up through the straw. That cultivates the ability to reversethe flow during intercourse. Those who are highly experienced cannot only reverse the flow from quite a low point, but they can drawthe fluid back up to the crown of the head, from which it originallydescended.(Francisco J. Varela, Sleeping, Dreaming and Dying,:Wisdom Publications, Boston, 1997, p.171-172.)

The above statements mention that their training method is to“insert a straw into the genitals. In this practice the yogi firstdraws water, and later milk, up through the straw. That cultivatesthe ability to reverse the flow during intercourse. Those who arehighly experienced cannot only reverse the flow from quite a lowpoint, but they can draw the fluid back up to the crown of the head,from which it originally descended.” This is actually a way oftaking the vital energy from the female to nourish the male, namelyto strengthen one’s body by means of the female body. However, theirstatements are actually deceiving themselves as well as others. Evenif they do have the skill to draw the regenerative fluid back afterejaculation, it is only back into the bladder, and later, it willcome out of the body with the urine. Therefore, their statementsonly show how they deceive people. It is not that, as they claim,the fluid is drawn back into the original place or the crown of thehead. All the wise medical doctors can prove this fact. In fact, allthe modern lamas, including the Dalai Lama, are incapable of drawingthe regenerative fluid back into the bladder. According to theirrule, they should not do the couple-practice of copulation with thefemale followers. However, the Dalai Lama indulges those lamas whoare unqualified for the real couple-practice to continue to have sexwith the Taiwanese females. Even if the lamas are capable of drawingthe semen back into the body after ejaculation, it is back into thebladder, but not into the original place where the semen is stored,which is a lie from the Dalai Lama. Supposing the semen can be drawnback into the bladder, it will finally come out of the body with theurine. Therefore, even if they have the skill to draw the semenback, it still ends up with nothing and is impossible to prolongone’s life.

Moreover, the purpose of the lamas’ diligent practice of Chi is toincrease their sexual ability so that they can maintain the sexualintercourse for a longer time, avoiding premature ejaculation.Sometimes, because the couple-practice of copulation with the femalefollowers is too vigorous, they have to practice jumping in across-legged sitting posture; through such a way of jumping, theymake the female followers achieve orgasm rapidly and also let theChi of pleasurable sensation produced during the sexual intercoursefade out along the two thighs, avoiding premature ejaculationbecause of too much excitement; after the Chi fades out, theycontinue to do the couple-practice of copulation of Mahayoga. In abook of the Dalai Lama, it claims:

The various systems of Highest Yoga Tantra seek to manifest themind of clear light, also called the fundamental innate mind ofclear light, by way of different techniques. One of these techniquesis to use blissful orgasm (but without emission) to withdraw thegrosser levels of consciousness, thereby manifesting the most subtlelevel of mind. (The XIV Dalai Lama, Kalachakra Tantra: Rite ofInitiation, Wisdom Publications, Boston, 1999, p.35.)

Hence, the essence of Tibetan “Buddhism” propagated by the DalaiLama is to have sex with the female followers. However, they hopethat they can have sexual intercourse for a longer time, soejaculation is not permitted. (Unless the “nectar’ is required forthe disciples to receive the secret empowerment, the lama willejaculate and collect the obscene fluid from the vagina of thefemale disciple.) It is because, after ejaculation, one cannotcontinue the couple-practice of copulation of Mahayoga. Therefore,the Dalai Lama says again:

According to the tantric explanation, when we speak of a blissfulexperience here, we are referring to the bliss that is derived fromthe emission of the element of regenerative fluid, another type ofbliss which is derived from the movement of that element within thechannels, and a third type of bliss which is derived through thestate of immutable bliss. In tantric practice it is the two lattertypes of bliss that are utilized for realizing emptiness. Because ofthe great significance of utilizing bliss in the realization ofemptiness we find that many of the meditational deities in HighestYoga Tantra are in union with a consort. (HH the Dalai Lama, ASurvey of the Paths of Tibetan Buddhism, PDF edition, p.27.retrieved fromhttp://www.lamayeshe.com/index.php?sect=article&;id=421, 2010/01/10)

Hence, in the “generation stage,” the tantric followers have toendeavor to do the Chi-Practice, practice jumping in a cross-leggedsitting posture and even insert the straw into the genitals, like amasochist, to practice drawing back the fluid. The purpose of suchpractices is to prepare for the future couple-practice of copulation(Mahayoga) with the female followers. For detailed information,please refer to the discussions in the following chapter. However,the investigation into the whole-body bliss obtained from thetantric Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness shows that it hasnothing to do with the eliminations of self-view and self-attachmentin the Buddhist practice of attaining Arhatship; it also has nothingto do with the emptiness-nature realized by bodhisattvas inBuddhism. It is because the emptiness-nature realized bybodhisattvas is the eighth consciousness Tathagatagarbha, while theemptiness mentioned by the Dalai Lama is only the consciouscognizing mind in the whole-body bliss. Only because the consciouscognizing mind in the bliss is not material, they lie that theconscious mind is the emptiness-nature in the Buddha dharma.Therefore, the Tibetan Tantric School is a fake Buddhism thatreplaces the real with the false. The Tibetan tantric practitionershave never realized the emptiness-nature from the ancient time tillnow.

In “Tibetan Buddhism,” another rule is to diligently do thecouple-practice of copulation every day and can attain the state oforgasm in the fourth-joy of Mahayoga with the whole-body bliss, yetwithout ejaculation. The Tibetan tantric practitioners have toembrace the female and maintain the pleasurable sensation of orgasmfor at least eight double-hours (sixteen hours) a day; thus, theyendeavor to practice the methods of inner heat (kundalini), theChi-Practice, Vase-Chi, etc. so that they will not have earlyejaculation while embracing the female with pleasurable sensationfor a long time every day. The female tantric practitioners have toembrace and copulate with the male, staying in the state of orgasmfor a long time. In the Extended Treatise on the Progression of theEsoteric Path authored by Tsongkhapa, so-called the “Most Honorable”of the Gelug Sect (commonly called Yellow Hat Sect) in TibetanLamaism, it claims:

… If the empowerment is transmitted to a female, one should makeher know the vajra place refers to the lotus. This is like thewondrous favor, as in the third empowerment of The Orally TaughtTreatise says: “Because of the vajra union with the realm ofinfinite space, the bliss arises in one who has the correct eye. Ifone can be away from the joy of desire during the joy of orgasm, onesees the middle that is away from the two sides, and it becomesstiff. The lotus emptiness and the vajra mani arejewels; the lotusand the mani are joined together in vajra cross-legged sittingposture. When one sees the citta reaches the mani, one understandsthat the peaceful joy is the wisdom. This is the perfect way instages, which is expounded by all the supreme teachers. In thestates of greed and being away from greed, both are nothingobtainable. The instant wondrous wisdom become manifest on thatcondition. One receives the wisdom for eight double-hours (sixteenhours) a day, a whole day, a month, a year, an eon or a thousandeons.” While receiving the empowerment, one enjoys a short-termpleasure. While in actual practice, one enjoys the pleasure foreight double-hours a day, etc. (Tsongkhapa, Extended Treatise on theProgression of the Esoteric Path, translated into Chinese bydharma-masterFazun, Wondrous Favor Publishing Co., 1986, p.384.)

It says the same under the topic of Samatha and Vipassana(Tranquility and Insight) in the second half of his another book,The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment(LamRim); however, obscure or ambiguous terms are used, and it isdifficult for the laymen to understand.

In the Extended Treatise on the Progression of the Esoteric Path,Tsongkhapa claimed: “The instant wondrous wisdom becomes manifest onthat condition. One receives the wisdom for eight double-hours(sixteen hours) a day, a whole day, a month, a year, an eon or athousand eons.” Namely, Tsongkhapa told his disciples (i.e. thefollowers of Tibetan fake Buddhism such as all the Dalai Lamas ofsuccessive generations) that, during the couple-practice ofcopulation (Mahayoga), the pleasurable sensation of the fourth-joyarising instantly from the union of male and female sex organs iscalled “wondrous wisdom.” This “wondrous wisdom” will becomemanifest when the lamas or gurus copulate with their femalefollowers (or called buddha-mother). The tantric male or femalepractitioners who have taken the samaya precepts, which wereinvented by Lamaism, should dwell securely in the pleasurablesensation of sexual intercourse at least eight double-hours (i.e.sixteen hours) a day or a whole day. Even more, they should keepdwelling in the pleasurable sensation of sexual intercourse for awhole month, a whole year, a whole eon or even a whole thousandeons. All ancient and present living-buddhas or lamas of Tibetanfake Buddhism are incapable of achieving such a state. (In fact,even Tsongkhapa himself was unable to do it, not to mention thoseDalai Lamas of successive generations who died in their early age.)It is because this is a delusional thought of Tsongkhapa; he evencould not do it himself, let alone the living-buddhas or lamas oflater generations. According to the rule by Tsongkhapa, all thelamas who practice the couple-practice of copulation shouldcontinuously maintain the conscious mind in a state where no thoughtarises while they are in the fourth-joy of pleasurable union or theDual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness during the sexualintercourse. The perceptive mind at that time is shapeless andformless, and it is falsely claimed to be the emptiness-nature,which has fallen into the state of non-Buddhist eternalism and isnot the emptiness-nature realized in Buddhism. The so-calledwondrous wisdom by them has completely nothing to do with theBuddhist wisdom of the Liberation-Way and the Buddhahood-Way. Such aridiculous claim completely deviates from the truth of Buddhistliberation and violates the Buddhist precepts. The samaya preceptstipulates that the lamas should take the obscene pleasure, which isthe lowest state in the desire-realm, every day. It is impossiblefor them to keep the precepts transmitted by Tathagata such as thelay five precepts, the Hinayana Bhiksu precepts and Bhikshuniprecepts, as well as the Mahayana Bodhisattva precepts. On thecontrary, they are making the sentient beings collectively createthe evil karma of adultery that will lead to the evil paths. TibetanBuddhism is a fake Buddhism that destroys family and violates thepure Buddhist precepts. At most, they are learners and promoters ofthe art of worldly sexual love.

The various systems of Highest Yoga Tantra seek to manifest the mindof clear light, also called the fundamental innate mind of clearlight, by way of different techniques. One of these techniques is touse blissful orgasm (but without emission) to withdraw the grosserlevels of consciousness, thereby manifesting the most subtle levelof mind. (The XIV Dalai Lama, Kalachakra Tantra: Rite of Initiation,Wisdom Publications, Boston, 1989, p. 35)

2 Love for All—Having sexual love withmany female followers for the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptinessof Mahayoga

The Tibetan fake Buddhism claims that Mahayoga (the DualOperations of Bliss and Emptiness) is the most ultimate Buddhadharma. However, it is only the lamas’ wishful thinking. The realBuddha dharma can never be like that. What is the essence ofLamaistic Mahayoga (the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness)? Tobe frank, it is to have love for all, to “have sexual love with allthe beautiful young female followers one by one.” The true meaningof love for all from the Dalai Lama is to make all the beautifulyoung female followers and lamas dwell in the state of orgasmtogether. To have the smart wisdom of maintaining orgasm for a longduration and to be willing to make all the females achieve orgasmwith happiness for a long time during sexual intercourse areactually the compassion told by the Dalai Lama. In his book, theDalai Lama says:

A practitioner who has firm compassion and wisdom can make use ofsexual intercourse in the spiritual path as a technique for stronglyfocusing consciousness and manifesting the fundamental innate mindof clear light. Its purpose is to actualize and prolong the deeperlevels of mind in order to put their power to use in strengtheningthe realization of emptiness. (Dalai Lama XIV/translated and editedby Jeffrey Hopkins, Mind of Clear Light: Advice on living well anddying consciously, Atria Books, 2003, p.176.)

He says again in his another book:

According to the New translation Schools, at a certain high pointin the practice of Secret Mantra, the mantrika engages in specialpractices such as making use of a sexual partner, hunting animals,and so forth. Though it is easy to explain the purpose of employinga partner as a means of bringing desire to the path and inducingsubtler consciousnesses which realize emptiness, the hunting ofanimals cannot be explained that way. (The XIV Dalai Lama, Kindness,Clarity, & Insight, Snow Lion Publications, 1988, p.219.)

Obviously, the lamas are using the female followers as the sexualpartners to have the practice of extensive copulations. They give ita dignified name and say that it is to “strengthen the realizationof emptiness.” Actually, the gurus or lamas desire to have sex withmost of the female followers; under the guise of Buddhist term“enlightenment,” they seduce the beautiful young females. (In fact,they refuse to have sex with the ugly old females, violating thespirit of love for all.) What the Dalai Lama preaches is “a fakeBuddhism that makes use of sexual partners.”

Therefore, it is clearly understood that the Dalai Lama makes useof sexual partners to achieve the purpose of the couple-practice ofcopulation of Mahayoga, which is actually the final goal of Tibetanfake Buddhism preached by the Dalai Lama. Therefore, in the books ofthe Dalai Lama, it explains very clearly that the practice of theSecret Mantra in Lamaism needs to have an actual practice with asexual partner eventually. It actually needs to have sex with thefemale followers, but the Dalai Lama purposely says in the end: “…,the hunting of animals cannot be explained that way.” This is acover-up. Actually, they only use “the statement of hunting animals”as a cover for their practice of Mahayoga (the Dual Operations ofBliss and Emptiness) with sexual partners. In his another Englishbook, the Dalai Lama claims:

The three lower tantras do involve using in the bliss that arisesupon looking at, smiling at, and holding hands or embracing ameditated Knowledge Woman (consort);(The XIV Dalai Lama, Deity Yoga:In Action and Performance Tantra, Snow Lion Publications, New York,1981, p.211.)

Therefore, the lower level tantras involve the meditation on“looking at, smiling at, holding hands or embracing” a sexualpartner. However, the higher tantra is to have an actual practice ofMahayoga with a real female follower; namely, their final goal is tohave an actual couple-practice of copulation (Mahayoga) with femalepartners, the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness that make bothof the couple achieve orgasm. Hence, the Dalai Lama repeatedlymentions “the sexual partner” in his books.

Therefore, for the lamas of Tibetan fake Buddhism, “the sexualpartner” plays a very important role. For this reason, it isunderstood why they are often accused of sexual assaults—when thefemale follower is unwilling to have the couple-practice with thelama and the lama mistakenly thinks that she only pretends to beshy, a scandal breaks after the lama has sexually assaulted her. Andyet, more female followers are misled by the claim of “attainingBuddhahood in this lifetime,” wrongly thinking that thecouple-practice of copulation (the Dual Operations of Bliss andEmptiness) is real Buddhism. Therefore, the female followers areseduced by the lamas and have the couple-practice of copulation withthe lamas privately. It is a forever secret between the femalefollowers and the lamas; their husbands will never know the truththroughout their whole life. It is because “Tibetan Buddhism(Lamaism)” focuses on the couple-practice of copulation, which istheir core doctrine and theory.

From the evidence of so many examples, we should notice why theDalai Lama says “making use of a sexual partner” in many of hisbooks. From the books of another tantric guru, Yogi C.M. Chen, afamous great practitioner of White Hat Sect, we can find a moredefinite answer. Through his explanation, the readers can understandwhy the lamas of Tibetan “Buddhism” (Lamaism) need to have thecouple-practice of copulation with the female followers. In aChinese book of Yogi C.M. Chen, he said explicitly:

You cannot just use the method of visualization. An actualphysical female is needed, which is exactly what happens in thethird empowerment. Why do you have to use an actual physical femalebut not a visualized one? It is because the physical conditions of avisualized female are not good enough (Editor’s note: the physicalconditions refer to the ejaculated semen and the union of two sexorgans.) in comparison to those of an actual physical one (Editor’snote: female consort). With an actual physical female, on asublimated basis, one can have an actual practice and therefore gainthe real wisdom. For example, although you try to visualize afemale, over and over, you still cannot get your penis stiff. Onceyou have a real female, your penis becomes stiff and active inhaving sex, and can perform the real function. (Editor’s note: thefunction that can ejaculate the semen, which is used as the nectarin secret empowerment) (C.M. Chen, Yogi Chen's Literary WorkCollections, Vol. 1, edited by Xu Jinting, Samantabhadra AudioPublishing Co., 1991, p.238.)

These words are extremely rude and explicit, like the dirty wordsin lower class people; however, the description is rather frank andstraight. The Dalai Lama conveys the same meaning in his book andsays:

In Guhyasamaja, in the section related to entering into union witha consort, it is said that if the consort is an action seal, a liveconsort, visualizing deities on her body becomes an actual bodymandala practice. But if one is entering into union with avisualized consort, it does not. (Dalai Lama XIV, The Union of Blissand Emptiness, Snow Lion Publications, New York, 1988, p.73-74.)

From the above evidence, it is known that the essence of Mahayoga(the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness) of Tibetan “Buddhism”is only to “have sex with the female followers.”

The Dalai Lama and lamas of “Tibetan Buddhism” teach the followersto have love for all while doing the couple-practice of copulation.The love for all means that multiple couples undergo sexualintercourse at the same time; during the process, they changepartners continuously and take turns having sexual intercourse withmultiple partners; sometimes, there are nine females and nine lamashaving sexual intercourse in turn like animal. In the TibetanTantric School, it is called vajra partner-changing dharma assembly.During the process, they make all the participant females achieveorgasm with happiness. In this way, the couple-practice ofcopulation with multiple partners is propagated. All the qualifiedLamaistic gurus should practice the tantric empowerment ofcouple-practice of copulation. However, after such an actualpractice, they will surely become the hell beings because ofbreaking the precepts. Therefore, the Dalai Lama’s prayer will notbring the blessings to Taiwanese people. The “Most Honorable”Tsongkhapa, a patriarch of the Gelug lineage (to which the DalaiLama belongs), said in the Extended Treatise on the Progression ofthe Esoteric Path, Vol. 13:

Someone who ask the teacher for empowerment should make offeringsfirst. A curtain is used as a screen. The disciple understands verywell that the teacher is vajrasattva. Wisdom mothers with completesamaya, whose genitals are healthy and who are virgins over the ageof 12 etc., are offered to the teacher. Just like the statement inthe second chapter of Sutra on Great-Seals: “One should choosefemales who are most wise, virtuous, with slender eyes, having awondrous dignified face, and aged from 12 to 16, or 20 if difficultto obtain. Females over 20 are used in other seals (mudra) becauseit will make all the stages of practice impossible to attain. One’ssisters, daughters, or wife are offered to the teacher.”(Tsongkhapa, Extended Treatise on the Progression of the EsotericPath, translated into Chinese by dharma-masterFazun, Wondrous FavorPublishing Co., 1986, p.376)

Tsongkhapa thought the lamas should cooperate with the females todo the couple-practice of copulation (Mahayoga); after sexualintercourse, the lamas obtain the red and white bodhicitta (in fact,it is the mixture of obscene fluid from both sexes), which is usedin the secret empowerment. Therefore, Tsongkhapa said:

The last secret empowerment, which is transmitted to enable thedisciple to expound the sutras, means the teacher and the ninefemale consorts attain the state all together. (Editor’s note:namely, the lama teacher, so-called living-buddha, needs to copulateone by one with nine sexual partners, called female consorts, agedfrom 12 to 20; they achieve the orgasm of the fourth-joy alltogether and observe the Union of Bliss and Emptiness; then, thelama teacher ejaculates the semen into the vagina of each femaleconsort one by one and collect all the fluid mixture.) The vajra(Editor’s note: the Tibetan Tantric School claims that this obscenefluid is vajra bodhicitta; they misuse the Buddhist term.)possessing the seeds (Editor’s note: the red and white bodhi, whichis the obscene fluid mixture from the guru and nine female consorts,has the seeds of both sexes.) is put into the mouth of his disciple;in this way, the empowerment is performed. It is the thirdempowerment, or the former stage, in which the teacher and a femaleconsort receive the wondrous joy together; then, in the latterstage, the teacher attains the state together with the nine femaleconsorts. (Editor’s note: in the latter stage, the teacher attainsthe state of sexual orgasm together with the nine female consorts,which is called attaining the state together with the nine femaleconsorts.) The wondrous joys arise from them together. (Editor’snote: namely, the lama has sex with the nine female consorts one byone and ejaculates the semen; together with the obscene fluidobtained collectively from the nine female consorts, the fluidmixture is called the nectar, which is used for the empowerment tothe disciple.)… (Tsongkhapa, Extended Treatise on the Progression ofthe Esoteric Path, translated into Chinese by dharma-masterFazun,Wondrous Favor Publishing Co., 1986, p.399-400.)

The lamas try to hide the purpose of “having sex with the femalefollowers” in all respects; they desire to keep on having sex withthe beautiful young female followers in private. However,information spread widely in modern times. Many lamas have made thisfact public in their teachings or books. For example, Gedün Ch?pel(1905-1951), a lama of Tibetan Lamaism (Tibetan “Buddhism”) finisheda book Treatise on Passion in the winter of 1938. The Englishversion of Gedün Ch?pel’s Treatise on Passion is Tibetan Arts ofLove. The book talks extensively about sex love. Jeffrey Hopkins,the editor of Tibetan Arts of Love, thinks that Gedün Ch?pel’sTreatise on Passion comes mainly from the world-famous Kama Sutra ofIndia. According to a brief book description, Tibetan Arts of Love“presents in lucid detail the sixty-four arts of love, divided intoeight varieties of sexual play—embracing, kissing, pinching andscratching, biting, moving to and fro and pressing, erotic noises,role reversal, and positions of love-making. … An over-arching focusis sexual ecstasy as a door to spiritual experience. …” (Retrievedfrom http://www.snowlionpub.com/html/product_711.html, 2009/11/7)

From Lama Gedün Ch?pel’s book that teaches sex love, it hasrevealed that Tibetan “Buddhism” originates from the Tantrism ofancient India. Therefore, it is known that the term “love for all”frequently mentioned by the Dalai Lama and lamas of Tibetan“Buddhism” means to “frequently have the couple-practice ofcopulation (Mahayoga, the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness)with all beautiful young female followers.” It has nothing to dowith the realization of arhat fruition in which one’s self-view,self-attachment and lustful desire are eliminated. It also hasnothing to do with the wisdom of realizing of one’s true mind andseeing the Buddha-nature. It is not the Buddha dharma at all.

According to the New translation Schools, at a certain high pointin the practice of Secret Mantra, the mantrika engages in specialpractices such as making use of a sexual partner, hunting animals,and so forth. Though it is easy to explain the purpose of employinga partner as a means of bringing desire to the path and inducingsubtler consciousnesses which realizing emptiness, the hunting ofanimals cannot be explained that way.(The XIV Dalai Lama, Kindness,Clarity, & Insight, Snow Lion Publications, 1988, p. 219.)

True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-1-1)

The above picture is a couple-body statue. Eventually, the womenwill have the couple-practice of copulation with lamas like this.上图乃是密宗的双身像,女性最 True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-1-3)

The above picture is the couple-body “buddha statue” ofTantricLamaism, a picture of the couple-practice of copulation. Ifthe woman copulating with a lama is your family member, how can youendure this?

True Face of the Dalai Lama

——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-1-5)

True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world


True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-1-9)

True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-1-11)


The above picture is the couple-practice of copulation in standingposture, a couple-body statue of Tibetan fake “Buddhism,” or calledLamaism; they falsely claim to have attained Buddhahood.

True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-1-13)


True Face of the Dalai Lama

——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-1-15)

Just think: If your wife has the couple-practice of copulation(Mahayoga) with a lama as shown in this picture, aren’t you wearinga green hat? Anyone who supports his wife to practice the teachingsof “Tibetan Buddhism,” led by the Dalai Lama, will inevitably havethis result.

True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world

Disclosing the secret about the couple-body statues in the tantrictemples of Lamaism:

These are the couple-body statues of Lamaism worshipped in GuangrenTemple, Xian, China. Usually, the lower part of each statue isveiled to cover up their involvement in the couple-practice ofcopulation (left photo); when the veil is removed, it shows clearlythe fact of the couple-practice of copulation (right photo).Photograph taken on December 3, 2009 and April 8, 2010 respectively


True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-2-3)


True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-2-5)


True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-2-7)


True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-2-9)


True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-2-11)


The couple-body statue in a Lamaistic temple, North Pagoda HuguoDharma Wheel Temple, Shengyang, China. They propagate the tantriccouple-practice copulation of Mahayoga. Photograph taken on December13, 2009.

True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-2-13)

Just think calmly: Eventually, your wife or other female familymembers will cultivate the couple-practice of copulation of“Mahayoga” with the tantric gurus or living-buddhas like this.


Whatever the lamas call it, “Mahayoga, radiance of bliss, Mahamudra,Great Perfection, Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness, etc.,”they all refer to the couple-practice of copulation, which means tocopulate with beautiful female followers in turn.

True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-2-15)


True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-2-17)

Actually, the Lamaistic couple-body statues are hidden in manytemples of Tibetan “Buddhism.” Why is that? It is because Tibetan“Buddhism,” led by the Dalai Lama, essentially comes from the HinduTantrism, which worships sex and reproduction, in the guise ofBuddhism. They promote “love for all” for the purpose of copulatingwith all women in the world and achieving “the Dual Operations ofBliss and Emptiness.” In fact, “love for all” is just an excuse tohave sexual pleasure for free.


True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-2-19)


The couple-body statue in sitting posture in North Pagoda HuguoDharma Wheel Temple, Shengyang, China. Photograph taken on December13, 2009.渖阳北塔护国法轮寺的坐姿男女双身像。2009/12/13拍摄。

True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-2-21)


True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-2-23)


True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-2-25)


True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-3-1)

The sex scandals about the tantric lamas happen in many differentplaces. The dharma-kings, lamas, or living-buddhas, have copulationwith all the beautiful young female believers like this. Theydignify it with the name of couple practicing the Dual Operations ofBliss and Emptiness.


True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-3-3)

The reason why the lamas have been frequently involved in sexscandals is that the doctrinal essence of “Tibetan Buddhism” isabout using copulation as its practice method, in the dignified nameof Couple-Practice Tantra of Mahayoga.


True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-3-5)

The totem of sex and reproduction worship (the sexual organs of bothsexes), publicly standing in front of a tantric temple of Tibetan“Buddhism,” shows that the Tibetan Tantric School always preachesthe Couple-Practice Tantra, which comes from the Hinduism andpursues the obscene happiness of copulation.The pictures areretrieved from the website: http://www.xzta.gov.cn/rwxz/zjw


True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-3-7)

This is the couple-body “buddha statue” of Tibetan “Buddhism.” Thetantric lama is privately doing the couple-practice of Mahayoga(radiance of bliss) with your wife like this; sometimes, they do thecouple-practice in a sitting posture, just like the photograph shownabove; in such a way, you are the man wearing a green hat givensecretly by the lamas.



True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-3-9)


This is the couple-body “buddha statue” of Tibetan “Buddhism” instanding posture. The tantric lamas or rinpoches are privately doingthe couple-practice of Mahayoga (the Dual Operations of Bliss andEmptiness) with your wife like this.

True Face of the Dalai Lama

——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-3-11)

达赖真面目——玩尽天下女人Khenpo Pema Chopel Rinpoche and a female follower were caught on thebed while having sex. The original pictures are retrieved from TVBSNews and Apple Daily.


True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-3-14)


July 24, 2007, on the page B3, Liberty Times reports that LinlaRinpoche of Tibetan “Buddhism” committed sexual assaults, and hequickly left Taiwan. At first, the tantric authorities claimed thathe was a fake lama. Later, after he had been proved to be the abbotof a famous tantric monastery, they changed their statement bysaying that it was “an isolated incident.”

True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world

IV Kaohsiung Activity Records, September 1, 2009四、2009/09/01


September 2, 2009, News report from Page A2, Want Daily:September 1, 2009, Kaohsiung / The Dalai Lama held a prayer ceremonyin the Kaohsiung Arena. Over a hundred members of the TrueEnlightenment Education Foundation staged a protest outside theArena. (Photograph by Xie Mingzuo)2009/9/2


September 2, 2009, News report from Page A4, China Times:September 1, 2009, Kaohsiung / About four hundred members of theTrue Enlightenment Education Foundation displayed the yellowbanners, protesting that the Couple-Practice Tantra propagated bythe Dalai Lama is not a true Buddhist dharma.(Photograph by Zhou Minhuang)2009/9/2

True Face of the Dalai Lama

——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-4-3)


True Face of the Dalai Lama

——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-4-5)


True Face of the Dalai Lama

——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-4-7)


The above activity photos are retrieved from China Review News.

True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-4-9)


True Face of the Dalai Lama

——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-4-11)

The above activity photos are retrieved from TVBS News.


This activity photo is retrieved from ET-News.

True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-4-13)

Lamaism, with the Couple-Practice Tantra, is not Buddhism!


True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-4-15)

To protect the sentient beings, the True Enlightenment bodhisattvasstepped forward and made a public request: People should know thatthe Dalai Lama’s prayer is ineffective and the entire donationshould be given to the victims of the disaster.


True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-4-17)

The couple-practice of copulation by the lamas and the femalefollowers is absolutely not the Buddhist practice method. Thecouple-practice of copulation was introduced from the HinduTantrisminto Lamaism, which violates the correct Buddhist doctrineand dharma-gate of practice. Tibetan “Buddhism,” led by the DalaiLama, is only Lamaism in essence and is not Buddhism at all.Lamaistic Mahayoga (the Dual Operations of Bliss and Emptiness) isan evil and licentious dharma that involves changing partner duringthe couple-practice of copulation with multiple partners as well ashaving sexual relationship between teacher and disciple, and it willalso destroy family. It makes the Buddhist learners create a severeevil karma of adultery that breaks the precepts. While alive, atantric female practitioner will make her husband wear a green hat.After death, she will unavoidably fall into the hell realm withimmeasurable sufferings. Those Buddhists who know the truth shouldpoint out its evil and licentious nature of non-Buddhism. Thenon-Buddhist Lamaism should be expelled from Buddhism so that peoplewill not become victims again.


Titbit of information 1: During activity, someone was taking a closephoto of a female peace protester in an extremely rude way, with athreatening attitude. It is not a proper behavior that a civilizedperson should have

True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-4-19)


Titbit of information 2: Originally, it is only a simple religiousdeclaration and social educational activity. However, this man, withpolitical intent, was taking a close photo of the face of a femalepeace demonstrator, and giving verbal offence. Because of hisextremely rude behavior, the simple activity of religiousdeclaration is polluted with political intention. Distorting areligious activity and making it become a political one is obviouslynot a proper behavior that a civilized person should have.

True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-4-21)

Titbit of information 3: September 1, 2009, around 11:35 a.m.,across the street from the Kaohsiung Arena, a Taiwanese lama in redsuddenly appeared and verbally insulted us with extremely rude andobscene words; he even tore our leaflets to shreds. The TrueEnlightenment bodhisattvas picked up the crumpled leaflet, which wassnatched and dumped to the ground by him, and continued the peacefuldemonstration; again and again, the True Enlightenment bodhisattvasalways faced the situation with silence, looking upon his shout withcompassion.


Titbit of information 4: For a political set-up, the lama in redsaid, “Are you saying that the Dalai Lama commits adultery and willfall into the hell realm? This is slander. You are the informers ofKuomintang (KMT)!”

True Face of the Dalai Lama——Playing around with all women in the world(图24-4-23)

V News Reports about the Dalai Lama’sTaiwan Visit for Prayer

Report 1

Dalai Lama’s Taiwan visit captures worldwide media attention. AlJazeera: It will have a reverse effect.

September 2, Taipei, China Review News Agency, news report today:The Dalai Lama held a prayer ceremony in Kaohisung on September 1.It draws the high attention of international media, including themajor media such as CNN and Al Jazeera. CNN reports that over tenthousands people attended the prayer ceremony, while Al Jazeera saysin the news network that the Dalai Lama’s Taiwan visit will changethe cross-strait relations.

“We first report the news from Taiwan: Over ten thousands peopleattended the prayer ceremony held by the Dalai Lama for the victimsof Typhoon Morakot…” The Dalai Lama held a prayer ceremony in Taiwanon September 1, which has become the focus of international media.CNN has also especially reported in the Hourly News that themainland China cancelled some of the officials' trips to Taiwan inprotest at Dalai Lama's Taiwan visit.

In addition, Singapore TV also reported the Dalai Lama’s visit toTaiwan and invited a specialist in the East-Asia affairs Denny Lifor comments. Denny Li expressed his views that the Dalai Lama’svisit will not have too much influence on cross-strait relations andhe said, “On a long-term basis, I do not think the Dalai Lama’svisit will have any influence on cross-strait relations. I thinkTaiwan and some of international media all underestimated theserious concern of Beijing about cross-strait relations.”

Al Jazeera also reported the Dalai Lama’s visit to Taiwan in thenews network and said the Dalai Lama’s visit will have a reverseeffect on Taiwan, and mainland China has even cancelled theofficials’ trip to Taiwan because of this event.

(The above information is retrieved from China Review News,2009/10/30http://www.chinareviewnews.com/crn-webapp/doc/docDetailCNML.jsp?coluid=7&kindid=0&docid=101065229 2009/11/08)

Report 2

Taiwanese Buddhist Research Groups: The Dalai Lama is not amessenger of peace

September 1, Taipei, China Review News Agency: On the third day inTaiwan, the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan exiled spiritual leader, held aprayer ceremony in the Kaohsiung Arena in the morning and gave alecture in the afternoon. Both activities were met with howls ofprotest by the demonstrators outside the Arena. In the morning, overa hundred members of the True Enlightenment Education Foundation, aTaiwanese Buddhist Research Group, gathered in front of the gate ofthe Kaohsiung Arena. They displayed the yellow banners andcriticized that the tantric lamas sexually abuse the females,collect money by fraud, and are love swindlers; the Dalai Lama isnot a messenger of peace.

Yang Shunxu, a director of the True Enlightenment EducationFoundation, said that the lamas who do the couple-practice ofcopulation only belong to Lamaism, which the Dalai Lama claims to beTibetan Buddhism. However, Lamaism is not Buddhism at all. YangShunxu thinks that the evil religion is more terrible than a naturaldisaster; many people are ignorant of right and evil; they wronglyconsider Lamaism (its lamas focusing on the couple-practice ofcopulation and committing adultery with other people’s wives ordaughters) to be a branch school of Buddhism; some people stilladvertise Lamaism, misleading people and getting them into troubles.

In the news report today, Yang said, “If the Dalai Lama reallycares about the victims of the disaster in Taiwan, he should helpraise money in India. Since the Dalai Lama did not help raise moneyfor the victims of the disaster, I request that the money raisedfrom the prayer meeting should be given to the victims of thedisaster but not brought back to India. This will be the true prayerfor Taiwan.”(The above news information is retrieved from China Review News,2009/10/30.http://cn.chinareviewnews.com/crn-webapp/doc/docDetailCNML.jsp?coluid=7&kindid=0&docid=101064746 2009/11/08)

Report 3

Protests Outside

The Dalai Lama has met with protests in different names since hisarrival in Taiwan three days ago.

After a strong protest from an anti-independence andpro-reunification group on the first day of his arrival and aprotest from more than ten alleged victims of the disaster outsidethe hotel yesterday, the Dalai Lama met with the protest again froma group of people in the name of religion on Tuesday.

While the Dalai Lama was holding a prayer ceremony for the victimsof typhoon disaster in the Kaohsiung Arena this morning, theseprotesters displayed the banners saying that the Dalai Lama belongsto Lamaism but not Buddhism. Sun Zhengde, who staged this protest,said to BBC Chinese.com that there were three hundred protesters.

They handed out the anti-Dalai leaflets to the audience of theprayer meeting outside the Arena. Some participants in the prayermeeting criticized that they were incited by communist China orKuomintang (KMT). Sun Zhengde negated that their protest was incitedby any political party.

In response to the Dalai Lama’s visit, Ye Xiaowen, head of theState Administration for Religious Affairs, China, currentlyvisiting Taiwan, said that a foreign monk would not necessarily do abetter job of praying. Lin Baohua, a commentator, pointed out thatsuch a statement from Ye was to provoke people into a fight.

Sun Zhengde said, although her Buddhist community made a donationto the State Administration for Religious Affairs shortly after theSichuan earthquake, they did not have any contact with Ye Xiaowen.She also claimed that their protest was not staged in response to YeXiaowen’s statement.(The above information is retrieved from BBC Chinese.com2009/09/01,news report from Kaohsiung by a stringer in Taiwan.)(Information source: DuoWei Newshttp://www.dwnews.com/big5/MainNews/Forums/BackStage/2009_9_1_12_44_33_365.html )

Initial Crusade-A note of the demonstration against the Dalai Lama at theKaohsiung Arena on September 1, 2009

-I rejoice in knowing that this physical body is not mine,and practice the bodhi way, going with the flow of karmicconditions-

Departing from Taipei Lecture Hall (Northern Taiwan)

With a subdued soft voice, the Promotion Chief read out everyparticipant’s bus and seat numbers; her voice soon dissolved intothe velvet darkness, which embraced the office building next towhere we stood. We were a large group of one hundredparticipants-namely one hundred bodhisattvas, all dressed in whitekung fu outfits, rather eye-catching in stark contrast to the blacksurroundings and the three big buses. We all remained stone silent.

The huge wheels whirled effortlessly and surely onto the highway,heading towards our destination. The digital clock read 04:25 a.m.,twenty-five minutes behind our planned schedule. There was no minuteto be wasted; an announcement regarding the crucial points of thistrip was made right after the departure. Thereafter, sooner thananybody would notice, the rhythmical vast cradle rocked everybodyinto sleep; indeed, the previous night’s short sleep was interrupteda few hours earlier. Leaning back against my seat and casting outinto the completely quiet and dark city, I tried to recollect thewhole picture of getting involved in this crusade. Somehow I didwonder, even before the agenda was finalized, I had not been able tosleep normally for a few nights already. Was it an omen thatexperiences from my past lives, “seeds of the deeds” as we callthem, were being brought forth? Even my last minute leave request atwork was accepted incredibly smoothly; it seemed like every detailworked in favor of my southward crusade.

We kept in close contact with the frontier team located inKaohsiung City, as our journey progressed toward southern Taiwan.The morning sunlight broke out as we enjoyed our first break atTai-An Refreshing Park. From the corner of my eyes, I spotted myfirst lama of the day stepping into a Mercedes SUV (Sport UtilityVehicle). After the refreshment, the Promotion Chief repeated a fewkey points to keep in mind, including the fact that we acted onbehalf of the True Enlightenment Practitioners Association, and thatour safety came ahead of everything else. This mission was to becarried out in a team, and each of the team’s moves should followthe team leader’s instructions. It was supposed to be a formaldeclaration on Buddhism to the public, a proclamation of what isactually right from wrong; it was going to be the Association’sfirst step forward to uphold the true dharma as no other entity hasdone it before in a thousand years’ time.

Since his arrival in this land, the Dalai Lama had amended hisitinerary a few times. He had cancelled a few activities, but therewas still one morning gathering in the Kaohsiung Arena. If we werelucky enough, we would be able to get back in time to Taipei for theevening lesson given by the Head Master; in case we could not makeit, there would be a DVD recording reserved for us. During the trip,we practiced our slogans and were informed that we would have toleave the site once the police had raised the offense signs for thethird time. The members of my bus were divided into five groups. Wewere assigned the different banners-holding tasks and were told tobe extremely cautious in every aspect. No remark was uttered amongus. To be honest, we had no experience in this kind of endeavor, yetwere well determined, as we clearly knew what we aimed to achieve.We were aware that this was only the starting episode.

Once our buses passed the point T238 Hsin Ying, we were informedthat there were plenty of police around, nearly everywhere. One ofthe bodhisattvas in the group was a lawyer. He was eagerly makingcalls, maneuvering to get us an easier spot, or, perhaps a laxerpolice vigilance of the venue. The discussions between the frontierteam and our bus became intensive: driving routes, entrancelocation, exit, etc. Each of us got a uniform vest to put on forlater in action. We were getting closer by the minute. Some fishedout biscuits, sandwiches and drinks; breakfast in the bus, togetherwith the bright beaming morning sunshine and the wishful yetunpredictable program ahead of us, we felt as if we were going outon a field trip.

Arrival at the Kaohsiung Arena (Southern Taiwan)

Alongside the park square, boxes of brochures, banners andsignboards were quickly hauled out from the buses to the sidewalk.We had just arrived in the vicinity of the Kaohsiung Arena; it was08:35 a.m. There were around four hundred bodhisattvas altogetherinvolved in this mission, including those from the regions ofTaichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. The team leader briefed us one finaltime on the tactic and re-emphasized the importance of working as ateam. The banners and signboards were evenly distributed among us;everyone had the navy blue uniform vest ready in hand. It wasdecided that the hundred bodhisattvas from Taipei would be the frontline demonstrators, a token of appreciation for our efforts forcoming such a long way.

With the rising warm sun at the backs, the entire light-coloredkung fu outfit group, led by the team leader, moved silently butbriskly along the park lane towards the Arena. The on-looking greentrees were quietly lined up, awaiting the scenario to come.

My joyously bumping heart nearly betrayed our grave mission.Striding forwards along the Arena block for about fifty meters, Iheard some noise behind. I turned around, and unexpectedly caughtthe view of some weird shapes clustered together; someone wassurrounded by several clumsy huge cameras. We stopped; I heard thesounds of a conversation. All of a sudden, a bare command, “Pull thebanners!” Faster than anyone had realized, we were all gearing upfor the big mission: adjusting the distance, stretching arms andstraightening the banners. Our legs kept moving, the whole groupkept advancing, approaching the front side of the Arena. At my leftfront, I saw a broad staircase leading to the left entrance of theArena. My arms grabbed a bodhisattva, “Up there, go! Get up thestaircase!” Up they went, and the bright yellow Chinese banner whichread“Lamaism, with the Couple-Practice Tantra, is not Buddhism!”washoisted upright aside the staircase.

I rushed to other young bodhisattvas, who were holding the Englishbanner, pointed with my finger and asked, “Could you manage to getup here?” Without muttering a word, theirs knees tilted slightly,both of them hopped up to the edge of theartificial-sloped park. Again, the distinctly bright yellow bannerwhich read the English words“Lamaism, with the Couple-Practice Tantra, is not Buddhism!”wasunmistakably displayed under the morning sun.

“Make sure you stand firm, safety first!” They nodded and repliedwith broad smiles.

My sole intention at that instant was to draw attention by allmeans, either from the public or the media. “Put on your vest!” Fromsomewhere came the order. Oh, we forgot our uniform. While stillholding the banners or signboards, we helped each other, and withinseconds, the navy blue vests were proudly shown.

“The lamas’ religion is not Buddhism!”“The lamas’ religion is not Buddhism!”

We chanted the slogan.

“Lamaism, with the Couple-Practice Tantra, is not Buddhism!”“Lamaism, with the Couple-Practice Tantra, is not Buddhism!”

Since we set foot in this region, it was the first statements thatwe made to the public, loud and clear.

The front sidewalk of the Arena block was entirely covered by amass sea of yellow banners, signboards and A3 posters. Suddenly, agrayish blue shielded police troop, marching on the double, emergedfrom nowhere. They lined up straight ahead of the first-rowdemonstrators, face to face, in front of the Arena, so close thattheir badges were even within reach.

Even without much body motion, sweat trickled down from my head.As visitors walked past heading to the entrance, some curiouslyturned around and looked on, some unnaturally tramped forward like arobot. We stood still in silence, calm and composed.

“Want a break?” No one accepted my offer.

An officer approached me, telling me that the bodhisattvasstanding next to the entrance and on the edge of the high-slopedpark ought to be removed in order not to obstruct the entrance ofthe Arena. After my failed negotiations, we had to obey andwithdraw.

“From the very start, the religion of the lamas has had nothing todo with Buddhism, yet they have been exploiting the faith anddedication of Buddhists worldwide to enrich their own interests. We,as the true Buddhists, are obliged to make the actual facts known tothe society. Their plots must be stopped; the public must not bemisled anymore.” The officer was rather friendly, and curious aswell, so I told him about our mission. Later on, at our withdrawal,I did offer him a publication from our association called Decodingthe Dalai Lama’s Copulation Tantra Practiceand some of ourbrochures. This way, he could have some positive link with theBuddha dharma in the future.

“Political oppression! Political oppression!”

All of a sudden, a violent bellow burst out from the upper part ofthe staircase. I searched round for the noise, and spotted aroundfive or six unknown individuals clustered together. What a bigcontrast in number and sound volume in comparison with our unit.

After our spokesperson granted an interview to a reporter, I hearda police officer whisper in my ear, “Ready to go?”

“Go? Are your troops leaving?” Looking at this officer’s smilingface, I asked bluntly.

“No, it’s you!”

Simultaneously I heard the “Depart!” instruction shouted by theteam leader. Before my departure, I quickly handed out a couple ofbrochures and a few copies of Decoding the Dalai Lama’s CopulationTantra Practice to the police officers around me who were willing toaccept. This simple act would enable them to have a connection withthe Buddha dharma, if not in this life, maybe in a future life.Meanwhile, a gentle chanting in the distance could be heard,

“The lamas’ religion is not Buddhism!”“The lamas’ religion is not Buddhism!”“Lamaism, with the Couple-Practice Tantra, is not Buddhism!”…

From top to toes, I was drenched in sweat, I felt the heat, but mymind remained lucid and tranquil.

Once we were back to the park, I enjoyed the delightful bottle ofwater and the fan handed to me by other members to quench my thirstand heat. The then-solid, perseverant warriors had turned into everyamiable, kind bodhisattvas. Within views there were green leaves,stools, drinks and sweat, which mingled with the dharma companionswho shared common goals; I could feel the breeze of the innocentwind which was playful with or without Spring.

As it is said in Buddhism, there are causes and karmas behindevery gathering; nothing is coincidental. Could this be thesequential battle of the one that took place three hundred years agoafter the two parties’ formal dharma authentication debates, when wewere forced by the defeated yet more powerful party into a muddyfight in Tibet? Nowadays, due to our Venerable Master Pings’marvelous level of realization, we can benefit from his numerouscomprehensive books which refute non-Buddhist teachings and from hislessons, which explain in great details the profound true dharmas,unheard of in contemporary Buddhism, and which aim to bring in thoseinclined towards Buddhism. In addition, the bodhisattvas of the TrueEnlightenment Practitioners Association aim to spread ourpublications widely, and vow to expel false teachings out from trueBuddhism, with a view to benefit all Buddhist followers. Thismission was exactly an educational occasion for the society towitness the true dharma, an occasion for us to accumulate merits andvirtues together. As a result, the power and glory of the truedharma will certainly strengthen. This initial crusade was madepossible by the Buddha’s blessings, our vows and the karmic powersof causes and conditions. Nevertheless, we did not need to engageinto hand-in-hand fights in muddy darkness the way we did in thepast; we now aim to move forward to counter our rivals under thebright sunlight and openly in the public.

Main Battle

The team leader rearranged the tactical dispatches after mappingout the plan on the park’s ground. The traffic light intersectionsoutside the Arena exits were the focal locations. Team One hadalready set off. Team Two was just around the corner of the park, asa police car pulled right up to the pavement.

“Your school focuses on cultivation for enlightenment and seeingthe Buddha-nature. But everyone has got his own karmas and goals;why do you have to attack the others?” The Chief Officer spokestraight to the point; he repeated the words “enlightenment” and“seeing the Buddha-nature.”

“We are not here to propagate ‘enlightenment and how to see theBuddha-nature’; we are here to point out the fact that the lamas’religion is not real Buddhism; they should not fool people andmislead Buddhists!”

“You group has assembled a huge crowd within my control area; whenthe media show up, you will certainly raise your protest signboards,and I am responsible for this area.”“But if we stand here quietly until the media show up, then are weallowed to remain here?” I tried.

The lawyer came over to communicate with the Chief Officer; wesoon found out that this area was under the jurisdiction of anotherpolice officer, different from the one who looked after the areaopposite the traffic light and whom we spent time in the morningbuilding a relationship with. I decided not to waste any secondhere, walked across the avenue with the others. We were all bakingin the generous southern Taiwan sunlight. One brother member pointedto the front and said to me, “Sister, over there!” I looked at himpuzzlingly. “Over there, you can stay in the shade!”

It was still office hours, not much traffic was to be seen. Thewristwatch belonging to the companion next to me read 11:40 a.m. Wewere waiting with full anticipation for the program in the Arena toend. All members were squarely dispatched all around theintersections.

Soon enough, I saw brother members put on their uniform vests atthe far end of our block; I hurried over to make sure their actionwas agreeable with the timing. Within seconds, banners andsignboards were amply raised to their parade position. The avenueregained live with pedestrians and motorcyclists within views.Attendees of the Dalai Lama gathering exited in groups on the otherside of the eight-lined avenue, walking leisurely right opposite us.We were much too obvious to be ignored by any pairs of eyes. Theavenue was gradually occupied by cars and motorcycles; I couldclearly see a motorcyclist mouth the words written on our banners,“Lamaism, with the Couple-Practice Tantra, is not Buddhism!”

Take a look, here! Everyone was watching; the seeds of the truedharma had already been sown onto the lookers-on. Only timing andkarmas were needed to bring forth the corresponding occurrences inthe future. After several hundred years of waiting, this was thevery moment. Our body temperature was heated up by the scorchingsun; I felt my heart pounding!

Touring buses, crowds and motorcycles were jam-packed right undermy nose; behind us were also curious pedestrians, I turned around toanswer their enquiries. “What’s up between you and the lamas?” Alady asked cautiously.

“It’s nothing personal. The religion of the lamas has nothing todo with Buddhism at all, yet they have covered themselves up asBuddhists and have misled Buddhist followers all along. Have a goodlook here for more details.” I handed her a copy of Decoding theDalai Lama’s Copulation Tantra Practice and some leaflets, while shenodded in agreement.

“What is ‘Copulation Tantra’ after all?” A middle-aged maninquired.

“Good question! Please do check out these; they will tell you theactual facts.”

“How could you have such ‘obscene’ wordings in your text?Buddhists are not supposed to express themselves in such a way.”Another one disagreed with a deep frown to show his discontent.

“Certainly not. It’s utterly beyond anyone’s imagination, yetthose are the actual facts; it’s also the reason we ought to speakout the truth! Anyway, you must take a good look at these materials.We know what we are doing, and are fully responsible for our deeds.Please do refer to these!” I also handed him some materials. He wasstill mumbling, but at least did not reject me.

At the same moment, three young lamas appeared, one of themholding our green leaflet in his right hand. I recognized itinstantly and stepped forward to ask him, “Can you read Chinese?”

“Where are we now?” The other one who was on the mobile asked medirectly. I looked around, as a stranger here as well, trying tolocate our position. Abruptly, he pushed his mobile into my hand!

I tried to explain our location to the tour guide on the other endof the mobile, “…Right in front of the Arena, at the intersectionslightly towards…, a China Petroleum Station, Chung Cheng Road…,…yes, in front of the Joy Plaza…” Obviously, she was a visitor tothis city too, so I spent a lot of time explaining our location. Itold the lamas to wait at this spot for their touring bus to collectthem. Also, seeing the blazing sunlight right atop their bare heads,I suggested that they wait in the shade of the Joy Plaza Building. Abrother member who was holding one side of the banner at a distanceturned to me with one thumb up, as the three lost lambs walked awayfrom me.

Once we were back to the park and were offered with a lunch boxeach, I leaned against the wooden table, and then noticed my yellingsore feet.

While munching my food, I enjoyed the gentle breeze of the wind,noticing that tree leaves could have incredibly various tones ofgreen to cope with the burning heat. The wooden bench, the scent ofthe earth, the bushes and the crawling ants. … It suddenly hit me,how many thousand days had gone by since I last had my picnic in agarden? I heard some tender voices, accompanied by radiant smiles.“What did they want, those three lamas?”

“You did notice?”“Sure thing! Security matters!”“They lost their way, which was only a tiny loss compared to amuch bigger one-- their ignorance regarding the truth of life!”

Indeed, what a unique, luxurious feast.

Two thousand and five hundred years ago, Demon Mara impudentlyhastened the Buddha to enter the nirvana state; what was then hisbackbone to support this intrusive courage? Demon Mara knew wellenough, as long as the true dharma remained unknown to the public,all sentient beings would certainly stay connected to the statesthat appeal to the conscious mind. They would indulge in sensualdesires and would be trapped into the endless rounds of births anddeaths (samsara). This way, they would all be herded into DemonMara’s kingdom. Since its inception, the lama’s religion has beenusing the Buddhist terminology in an abusive way, sugar-coatingtheir teachings with a “Secret” flavor, and actually replacing theessence of practices with the lamas’ own inventions. They havemanaged to fool the entire world up to this day. Their followersjoin their movement in a swarm, led by influential celebrities. Thistrend has prevailed in a deep-rooted and interlocked way for morethan a thousand years, but we are determined to destroy the den ofdemons. This is just the beginning of a crusade of the right toeradicate the evil. Of course, we are mindful of the challenges andperils that will obstruct our path as we head towards our goal.

Our initial crusade was performed in the “True Enlightenment”style, which stood for serenity and a clear warning to the society.Comparatively speaking, it was like a mild fragrance pervading thesmelly fish market. It was only natural to draw the public’sattention using a violent way of expression in this mundane world.The bellowing of the five, six persons in the morning was laterbroadly reported by the media in the evening news. Worst of all, thenews put the focus on the strong conflicts among the demonstratorsoutside the Arena, more or less implying that we were involved insome violent clash. That was entirely untrue. As the Buddhist sayinggoes, “From an ordinary mortal’s eyes, the Buddha is but an ordinaryman; but from the Buddha’s eyes, an ordinary mortal is precisely aBuddha.” This is the way things are in the world!

To begin with, if the Venerable Master Pings did not courageouslystand up to the evil, misleading lama’s religion, with his dharmawisdom and righteous mind, you and I might have been on the otherside of the avenue attending the Dalai Lama’s gathering. Moreover,without the True Enlightenment Practitioners Association giving thesociety a shocking and overwhelming lesson via this mission and themany more to come, our family members, children and ourselves infuture lives will all turn into Demon Mara’s herds, to his biggestdelight. I could not help thinking of those three innocent lamas,who lost their way after the gathering. They could have beendisciples of the true Buddha dharma, or the Venerable Master Pings’precious golden-hair lion cubs (outstanding enlightened students).As the True Enlightenment bodhisattvas who have entered the truedharma door, let us make the best out of our blessed opportunities,together with countless sentient beings, to accomplish theall-seed-wisdom, for which one has the full potential in this humanrealm. In such a way, our vows and the uncountable rounds of birthsand deaths that we spent pursuing the ultimate truth during our pastlives would not have been wasted. With my heartfelt sincerity, Ihumbly submit this article to the True Enlightenment bodhisattvas asa footnote to the initial crusade. Once in the dharma door, we aresupposed to work together and attain Buddhahood through thick andthin!

A closing gatha:

The true Buddha’s sons have re-kindled the holy crusade,Worth turning the Earth to eliminate Demon Mara’s deeds;Murky combats progressed toward open glowing encounters,The true dharma lineage will continue to be carried out in theworld.

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