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Master Pings Xiao was born in a small town of central Taiwan in 1944. His late father and grandfather engaged in farming and both were Buddhists. Master Xiao involved himself in mundane affairs and rejected superstition in his youth. Because of aspiring to seek the way to Buddhahood, Master Xiao took refuge in Three-jewels at his middle age and has developed a special practice of Buddha-remembrance. His enlightenment soon afterward, which brought out his innate wisdom, is like the experience of plucking the pearl from right under the chin of a dragon. With compassion and courage, he has vowed to dedicate himself to liberate the sentient beings from sufferings and protect the true Buddha dharma. Master Xiao has established Buddhist True Enlightenment Practitioners Association and Buddhist True Enlightenment Lecture Hall in Taipei, Taiwan. He is the author of many books, including Buddha-Remembrance without Appearance (Wu Xiang Nian Fo).

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